FEKRA organizes different trips to the various cultural sites, temples, museums, islands and villages in the surrounding area.

. Island Tour: Feluka-Sailboat to Kitchener Island
and Elefantine Island

. Nubian Village: Visit a Nubian village on the west
bank of the Nile on camelback

. Dam-Lake-Tour: Motorboat trip on the Nile Lake
between the old and new dam

. Classical Tour: Visit the Isis Temple, the Dam,
the unfinished Obelisk, and the Kalabsha Temple

. Beach trip: Motorboat ride and picnic to a sandy

. Visit market: in Aswan

. Sculpture Symposium: Bicycle trip to the
contemporary granite sculpture Symposium

. Nasser Lake-Tour: boat ride and fishing on the
Nasser Lake

. FEKRA can also organize trips to other destinations
(ex. Abu Simbel, Red Sea, Luxor…)